About Our Templates

There are many claims that templates are "FrontPage Compatible".  That does not mean they are designed for USE with FrontPage.  To say a template is "FrontPage Compatible" is little more than saying a piece of paper is "Printer Compatible".  That's a no-brainer.

Our FrontPage templates can be used ONLY with FrontPage. 

They utilize FrontPage Navigation, forms, site maps, and other built-in features not available in other web publishing programs.

Getting Started

This template uses the LeoMega DDM drop-down menu and standard FrontPage Navigation.    In order to use this design for your own web, you will need to open FrontPage and select:

  • FP2000: File, New, Web - then select the template from the popup listing.
  • FP2002: File, New, Page or Web, New from Template - Web Template - then select the template from the popup listing.
  • FP2003:  File, New - then under "New Web site", More Web site templates.  Depending on your version of Office, the template will be listed under either the "General" or "My Templates" tab.

What you will have afterward is an exact duplicate of the web you are previewing here, and you will simply replace our information with your information, rename the pages for button/banner purposes, and add or delete pages as needed.

You may rest assured that our templates are easy-to-install, easy to understand, and very user friendly!