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  • Grows quickly forming dense mats at surface of water
  • Deposits turions (seeds) in lake bottom viable for years
  • Dies off in early July producing phosphorus and algae blooms
  • Reduces Dissolved Oxygen levels
  • Can rapidly overtake native vegetation
  • Interferes with boating, swimming, recreation
  • Transported by clinging to boats and trailers

Curly-Leaf Pondweed

  Native to Eurasia, by 1950 had infested most of the U.S.  It is a fast growing perennial that forms dense mats interfering with recreation, clogging boat motors, and overtaking native aquatic plants.  More than 500 lakes in Minnesota have been identified with this invasive that spreads between lakes by attaching to boats and trailers. 

"It's a problem that is getting really bad.  People are really uptight.  It's so bad now, in some places you can't go 40 feet without cleaning off your propeller"   Don Zieglmeier, President of Little Rock Lake Association, Minnesota.