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Environmental Sentry Protection, LLC
13500 Grove Drive #1301                  Maple Grove, MN  55311
Phone 763-473-0051
Fax    763-473-3765

The founder, Eric Lindberg, has a background in a variety of computer and software technologies that contribute to this design and its development.  With a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration his 25 year technology career has worked as Software Engineer, Website Development, Database Administration, Project Manager, and Director of Sales for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Sperry Univac, Prime Computer, Keane, Advanced Technologies, and Alebra Technologies.

'Protecting our environment and lakes is no longer an option, its our legacy.'

Contact Information

Environmental Sentry Protection, LLC focuses on the development of applied technologies to protect natural resources as allowed by law.  Our initial product is designed to be deployed in remote locations for the video monitoring, capture, and enforcement of conformance to applicable laws restricting the transport of exotic species.

Our systems are developed by utilizing industry experts in electrical engineering, structural design, and software development.

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